He Was Blind I Married Him, But Now He Can See, And Said He Wants A Divorce Because Of This - Lady

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Greetings, my name is Cynthia, and I am 36 years old. I am married to this man whom I adore not because of his wealth (we are not wealthy, but we are happy in our circumstances), but because I picked him with my heart. His parents pushed me to marry him despite the fact that I was already in love with someone else.

Briefly summarized, I married him when I found out that he was blind. Because of my deep love and devotion to him, I've been racing against the clock to discover a cure for his blindness. God restored his sight two years later, after we finally performed a surgery on him. Money I borrowed from my employer was utilized to purchase this item.

He didn't resume sleeping at home for a week after he regained his sight, and I later learned that he had been seen walking around with a girl in his possession. If I don't believe any of this, what excuse do I want to provide for his not returning home? I'm not sure what I'd come up with.

So one day he came home, and I talked reason into him, telling him the narrative of his life and how I had suffered and given him love when he was nothing but a nobody to begin with. His words to me were that "love is blind, and it is because of his blindness that he married me, a UGLY lady." He also stated that his eyes have been opened and that he can now see a lot of beautiful women. I believe him.

The only thing that comes to mind is to return him back to his previous state. What should I do with this ungrateful man? As a result, I've already decided to pour acid on him in order to disfigure him once more.



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