Watch: Ex-boyfriend caught on camera hitting his ex-girl in front of their 5 months old kid- Sad

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BREAKING: Former New York Jets running back Zac Stacy viciously attacks his ex-girlfriend in front of their 5 month old son.

Photos: Screenshots showing a horrible ex boyfriend beating his ex Infront of their 5 months kid.

World leaders have been fighting with gender based violence since then but it seems as if some men do not understand it. But it is sometimes ladies who causes these kind of scene to occuer, not being biased but men hitting a women is very much strange and a man should not engage on that.

We loose women every week just because of some insecurities, investing too much on women and they turn to get disappointed and get mad crucially.

"People making jokes about this obviously have never been in that situation or had a family member in it. If you experienced it you damn sure wouldn’t be joking about vaccination. I know what went through my brain was would me & my son make it out alive," says a twitter follower

"Notice he stops when tv falls - prob annoyed incase it breaks. Her reaction shows he does it a lot. Is he in jail yet? Certainly shouldn’t be allowed to be alone with his child, supervision by a third party necessary. The mother has allowed this and should be supervised too," says a twitter follower

"This was probably not the first time. She probably expected it. That’s why there are cameras baround the house capturing this. Now the question is what is the beef between them?" a twitter concerned member asked


According to the social workers, " fighting against each other is not a way forward to solve things between the two"

There are lots of ways to overcome problem like domestic linked problems such as visiting therapists, social workers and talking to a friend for a piece of advice.

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