'My Time Has Come' Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals On His Twitter Handle

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Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed that his time has come. He wrote this on his Twitter handle and many people have different comments and suggestions.

What does Apostle Johnson Suleman mean by saying his time has come? It is a time for his blessings or his departure? Many people are still wondering what could have made this Man of God tweet this statement.

Lately, many men of God have been taken by God, pastors like Dare Adeboye, Bishop T. B Joshua, and others. A revelation has been revealed that God is gradually taken the saints. And many are suggesting that Apostle Johnson Suleman could be revealing his time to be taken up by God.

Many viewers on Twitter positively responded to the tweet, claiming that it is their time for blessings, their time for a breakthrough, and their time for a miracle. Others echoed a sounding and believing Amen to his tweet.

My time has come, could be a meaning that his blessings have come, it could also be a connotative meaning that predicts the future.

What do think that Apostle Johnson Suleman meant by saying my time has come?

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