Check Out The Best Way To Win Souls For God Without Mistake


One of the core duties of a believer, a dedicated born again christian is to win souls for God. However, it is not easy to draw souls from hell fire to heaven but then there are ways it can be made easy and enjoyable.

The following are the best ways to win souls for God.

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1) Always dress like a genuine christian. Let them see evidence that you are a genuine christian, maybe through your character, your approaches to them, and also the way you compose yourself.

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2) Pray for them before you start preaching. You shouldn't pray for them only when they approach you for it or at your will. Praying for them before and after preaching to them is to prove to them that you are not preaching because you intentionally want to preach or because you can read bible more than them but because you are sent by God to share the word of God with them. It will also make them believe that you are not doing it with your own human power but with the power of the Holy Spirit in you.


3) Preach to people in love and gentleness. Without love, you can not win souls for God. Let them feel the love of God in you, let them feel God's gentleness through your preaching to them. You can not tell them that God is love but the love is not in you.

4) When you are preaching to them don't shout at them, but talk to them with a cool voice so that the word can touch their soul. Raising your voice against them can scare them away or even make the person avoid you thinking you are angry or quarreling with them. Speak to them with a cool and loving voice while you make efforts to speak in the language they understand.

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5) When you are preaching to them, smile with them. As a preacher of God's word, you should by now know that a smile is like charm or rather, it's like a magnet. Your smile magnets others to smile back at you. When preaching, whether to a congregation or to a few fellow, you shouldn't make your face strong, hard or scary unless you are demonstrating an event to them. Always wear a smile, it is one of the best ways to gain their attention and make them focus on what you are preaching to them.

6) Tell them that Jesus Christ is the love and Mercy we talk about is full of love and mercy only he can save you.

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7) Jesus died on the cross because he loves us, and Merciful upon us. Time given for the sinner to repent is by Grace, after we died, there is no mercy and grace anymore so Jesus gives us Grace to repent when we are still living souls. This is one of the methods through which you can preach the love of God. You don't start accusing , abusing, or humiliating the person for committing one sin or the other. Your condemnation will make the person not to think about repenting because you have already judged them, so they will prefer to continue living their lives.

8) Care about them every time, give them gifts, favor them without intention of receiving back from them.

9) When You are going to church go and meet them so that you can go together. You don't preach to them and then forget to keep motivating them. You don't also preach to them and forget to share love to them by giving them gifts and giving favors. They have to see the difference in you as a good christian.

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10) Go to their house and read the Bible together. This Should be a routine for you at least twice in a week including weekends. This form of bible study will keep the flame of the Holy Spirit burning in them. The more you study the bible together, the more they are getting closer to God.

11) Watch some christian videos together. Videos are another way of preaching the word of God. Many times, we don't easily forget what we see, it's mostly registered in our memory than we thought.

12) Always comfort them, make them happy. Because the person has given his life to Jesus Christ, things may negatively change for him. This is where your comforting words, encouraging words and supporting words come into play, otherwise they will fall back to their former lifestyle before you win their souls for God.

It is our job as christian to correct in love and draw souls to God. Do it with love, smile at everyone, dress well and let them be convinced that you are not doing it with your own power. Share the love of God and let them believe that truly God is love, merciful and can forgive anyone who wholeheartedly come to him.