Woman Goes Mad After Graduating, Read What Happened.

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Another shocking incident has left many people heartbroken.Apparently a woman just finished graduating and the worst happened to her.It turns out the woman promised the man was paying for her fees that they will get married after finishing her studies.After her graduation, the woman realized that she is not actually into the man and decided to end things with him.

People were left shocked after seeing the woman mad just after graduating from the university.

It is believed the man got hurt after getting dumped by the woman and went to see a witch doctor.The man did not waste anytime or perhaps talking with the woman he paid fees for.The man thought the woman was going to marry him after graduating yet she dumped him since he was not in her league.Sadly the man got hurt and told a witch doctor to make the woman mad since she dumped him.

Source: The daily Talk Online TV


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