" It's a lot money" Mzansi reacts to the amount lady demands from baby daddy per month

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The series takes its advocacy role to the next level in this new season of No Excuse Pay Your Papgeld. To ensure a positive effect on their children's lives, the show encourages parents to be active in their children's lives rather than just being money machines.

Tonight, Espidoe got people talking after viewers saw how much the lady wants from her father son for clothes every month. Not only were viewers shocked, but the host couldn't understand why one would demand 5000 for clothes and everything. Isn't it customary to buy clothes every four months, depending on how much the father earns? There is no need to bother about clothes if somebody is wealthy. The lady wrote to Papgeld because her baby daddy couldn't take care of his own child, and he was making empty promises while refusing to act. The only solution was to come to the show yo get help but people got people talking after the amount the baby daddy has to pay every month for his kid.



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