Ghanaian Names and their meaning.


Okay, Here is the game and a promise. After going through the list and not being able to find your great Ghanaian Names,don't forget to type it in the comment below, I will be back to get you the meaning. DealšŸ‘Œ

When I was a little boy, my grandmother used to tell my siblings and myself stories of our great Ghanaian heritage. 

she could sit us down by the fire and explain to use why we were given certain names and the meanings, attributes and appellations attached to them. 

Too bad that granny is dead and not around to continue her educational path in our lives.

Today , I have taken it upon myself to let the Ghanaian people know the implications and meanings of the names they parents gave to them during their time of birth.

 Both males and females made it to my list:

Starting with most common names

Kofi - one who was born on a Friday

 Kwame - one who was born on a Saturday 

Abam - A child who is the second child after twins 

Kplorm - meaning be my guide

Abeeku - One who is born on Wednesday

Mawuli - meaning God exists.

 Nkrumah - a child who is the 9th born child of his family.

Adekorafo - meaning a Treasurer 

Adjo - a child

who is born on a Monday

 Kienam - meaning shine.

 Aboagye - a child who is powerful and complete in general.

Mawufeasi - meaning God's hand

 Makafui - meaning I will praise his name.

Abronoma - means a Dove

 Commmie -a child who is born on a Saturday

Acheampong - a child that grew up and gave birth to the king

Addae - means the morning sun

 Kafui - meaning I will praise him

 Malike - meaning I will be established 

Kojo - a male who is Born on Monday 

Manorgbe - meaning I shall live.

Danquah - means something everlasting 

Adom - meaning my Help from God

Kaatachi - means one who is born a Paramount chief or leader 

Elolo - meaning God is great.

 Adric - a child who is a blessed ruler 

Danso - means a child born to be Reliable.

Adwenpa - a child who gives good ideas 

Agyei - means a Messenger from God 

Botwe - means being the 8th born in a family

Ebo - a child who is born on a Tuesday 

Dziedzorm - means I am grateful

Agyenim - means being the great one from God 

Agymah - a child who leaves his community

and moves elsewhere.

Bediako - a child who is a warrior

KWamena - a child who is born on Saturday

Bubune - means giving honour to Him 

Coblah - a child who is born on Tuesday 

Dodzi - means to persevere

 Ekow - a male child or Boy born on Thursday

 Elikplim - means My God is with me.

Madonudenu - means All my confidence is in the Lord

 kwaku - a male child born on Wednesday 

Nyankomago - a name that means being the second child after