Between Flavour, Diamond Platinumz and Iyanya who rocks six packs well

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Having six packs is not easy as it requires a lot of hardwork, dedication, time, energy and resources. You just need to be ready to sacrifice a whole lot.

Six packs looks pleasing to the eye. It makes you look mature and fit. Any clothes one wears fits in and is perfect.

A lot of celebrities do not spend time in working out to have six packs. They don't care, only cares about doing music and making money. While others pay much attention to their physique and looks.

Some ladies prefer guys that looks huge with six packs, while others don't care as long as the guy provides her with what she needs.

Some standout in the music industry with six packs are Flavour, Diamond Platinumz and Iyanya

Between the above mentioned celebrities, who rocks six packs better. He looks more sexy and pleasing to the eye.

1. Flavour

2. Diamond Platinumz

3. Iyanya

Ladies who do you prefer. More money or having six packs.

Let's talk. Drop your comments

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