Remember The Woman Who Thought She Had Kidney Stone, But Gives Birth To Triplets?


Let me take you back to the amazing story of a South Dakota woman named Danette. These woman never knew she has a baby growing in her, talk more of being pregnant with triplet.

Dannette had always thought she had a kidney stone, because she has once had it a long time ago. So she concluded that it's a kidney stone.

Along the line Dannette began having several pain which turned out to be unbearable for her. She went to a hospital, and requested for a kidney stone surgery, only for her to be informed that she is pregnant and it was actually triplets. She said she was shocked when she heard this.

Danette has a 10 year-old son named Ronnie Glitz, who has been longing to have a baby brother. He also wished for 2 baby sisters for his sister. God granted his wish by blessing his mother with triplets.

These wonderful triplets weighed about 4 pounds. According to report, each of them were delivered just 4 minutes apart. It was a boy and 2 girls and named them Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki.

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