Affordable Home Remedies To Keep Your Feet Soft

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I have suffered from dry heels and wanted to know how I can soften them without spending alot of money.

This is a common problem to many not because you neglect your feet but to others it can be a medical issue.

Here is how I found out I can soften my dry heels

1.Use of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly. This will keep the feet moist and moisturized.

2.Avoid wearing open shoes on dusty areas the more you expose your legs or feet to dust the more it's prone to crack.

3.Wearing socks daytime or at night

They’ll feel a bit rubbery at first, but the heat from your skin will activate the release of healing ingredients to cracked heals

4.Stay Hydrated by drinking alot of water

5.wash your feet with a soft stone and deep your feet in warm water for some time then pat dry and apply your oils

6.You can also try coconut oil

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