Reactions After Rwandese Refugees Asked To Be Recognized As One Of Kenyan Tribes


Netizens online have reacted greatly after reports emerged that the refugees from Rwanda are now asking to belong to the Republic of Kenya permanently.

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In a report posted by Nation on twitter on Saturday, the Rwandese whose parents came to Kenya to work as slaves for the British colonial government, are now asking to be recognised as Kenya's 44th tribe, this has been met with heated reactions from netizens.

According to the report, the Rwandese have said this claiming that they have lived long enough in Kenya to deserve the favour of being accorded the Citizenship of this country.

The Rwandese are believed to have came to Kenya as refugees after the 1994 genocide and as at now, they are found in multinational tea estates in Kericho, Nandi and Bomet.

Here are some of the comments from netizens on the report;

" Nyasa community in Mombasa were also brought to Kenya by Arab slave traders. They have been asking for official recognition & land allocation. Beneficiaries of slavery e.g CS Balala, Abdulswamad Nasir etc are opposed to that idea," A comment read.

"In Uganda, we recognized them as a tribe, after all we are all black people. In fact, one is rulling us right now although he has done more damage than good," A comment read.

"No no no way then if it will be allowed we have many in the line of the fact we never even taught in schools or heard in villages where they are living in Kenya," A comment read.


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