As A Guy, Can You Allow Your Girl To Take Part In This New Viral Vuthela Challenge?


South African is driving the continent with another crazy challenge after hitting the world with "Jerusalema" song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo. The garnered positive response online after it was released on November 29, 2019.

 In less than two years South African women have introduced a mind blowing challenge as they take to social media to show off their natural assets and flexibility, this trending challenge is known as Vuthela Challenge.

Women who take part in this challenge show off their assets in a unique way by kneeling beside a pot and pretend to be blowing fire to show off their big backsides as they taking us back to the cooking-with-firewood era.

This is gradually gaining attention from our ladies especially slay queens as many have shared photos of themselves taking part in it, just because they are the most ones society tagged as lazy and do not know how to cook hence use the medium to signal the world that upon their "luxury dresses", they still remember the kitchen.

Here in Ghana we call it 'Ajenpite', as it fun to see ladies 'putuuing', but only nice for ladies with flat tummy and huge backsides the like of Hajia Bintu, Princess Shyngle and Moesha Boduong are perfect for the challenge.

Strangely a picture of the newly converted from traditional to christianity, Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng has been link to the Vuthela Challenge, just that she was praying else she would have won this challenge in South Africa.

Some people see African ladies who participate in this challenge as non serious seems their fellow white women are racking their brains to come out with new inventions rather here they are joking.

 Now the question is: As a guy, can you allow your girl to take on this challenge?