Here are Some Measures to Take in Order to Reduce Risks of Chicken Dying in the Farm


Most people who have ventured into poultry farming do it to make profit. That's why when chicken die, they cause a huge economic loss to the poultry farmer. They look for ways to reduce poultry mortality in the farm.

The higher the number of birds that die in the farm, the lower the revenue and the profits.

Here are some common reasons why chicken die;

Poor feeding

Lack of proper ventilation in the house.

Stress from either predators like mice, rats, dogs and snakes and extreme weather conditions.

Poor quality of chicks purchased.


Here are some measures to take in order to reduce poultry mortality in the farm;

Always buy chick and eggs for hatching from a reliable source. When one buys chicks of poor quality and unhealthy there's increased risk of them dying.

Maintain uniform heat supply in the coop by placing the lamps at the centre. This helps to protect the flock from extreme cold.

Reduce the risk of suffocating the chicks to death. Birds can easily suffocate and die when something triggers them to move to a tight corner. Death of chicken as a result of suffocation can occur at any age in the bird's life.

Ensure that the temperature and humidity in the brooding house are at the right levels, so as to avoid chicks from overcrowding at one place.

Also, Control and keep predators away from the farm to help avoid the risk of panic induced gathering that can lead to suffocation.

Follow medication and vaccination procedure and should be done at the right time.

Maintain proper hygiene and sanitation, by daily cleaning the feeders and waterers and supplying them with fresh and clean water for drinking.

Supply balanced and sufficient feeds to the birds.