How These Women Started Business with KSh.10 Currently Earning Over KSh.100 Million Monthly


There are different types of businesses people venture into. The women we're discussing here did something worth emulating. They are earning a huge amount of money from it as reported by

The source has stated that they started from scratch to build a hostel that could accommodate a large number of students in their county. The women in Murang'a county that formed the revolutionary group decided to raise KSh.10 daily that saw all of them contribute KSh.300 every month.

They did not get tired thus at the end of few years they had already built a block of apartments worth KSh.100,000,000 as reported by the source. The apartment which is located near the Murang'a University of Technology has 101 rooms. You can see some of its photos uploaded here.

The more than 100 students staying in the apartment pay an average of KSh.10,000 per month. Meaning, total rent being paid monthly amounts to KSh.100 million. The number of members of the group has been increasing. The report has it that it has 25,000 members. 

It has been acquiring more land for doing other projects. The group also owns a bus earning them a lot of money. We wish them all the best.