VIDEO: Several People Trapped After Quarry Caved in at Nyabigena in Kisii, Rescue Operation Ongoing

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Residents of Nyabigena Village in South Mugirango, Kisii County are racing against time to rescue sand miners trapped in a collapsed quarry.

Several people are believed to have been in the quarry when it caved in.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon as the miners went about their daily routine.

Villagers have joined in the rescue efforts, added the authorities.

Reports indicate that the walls of the quarry collapsed at about 12.00pm when the group was just starting the day’s work.

Some miners who were yet to start entering into the quarry witnessed the incident and raised the alarm.

A team of disaster officers have been dispatched to the scene to help in the rescue.

Residents are also using their hands and spades to dig up the rubble.

Residents have blamed the accident on the heavy rains that have been pounding the area.

The government has been cautioning those working in the quarries to look for new sites whenever the stones are depleted.

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