Pray Against Arrows of untimely death as the Month of April is coming to an End


My father in heaven, I bless your name because you are bigger than what people imagine about you. I give you all the glory because you deserve it all.

1. Draw near to me O God, arise and step into my life and re-write every agreement of death upon me. 

2. Let every judgment of death that have been passed on my behalf be reversed.

3. Every covenant that I have made with death consciously or unconsciously be broken.

4. Food of affliction, poisoned food that can bring sickness and death, I nullify by the blood of Jesus the lamb of God.

5. Arrows of death fired into my life, business, workplace, destiny and finances be broken and be destroyed by fire and thunder.

6. Every weapon of death and destruction that is at work in my life burn to ashes.

7. O Month of April! Hear me loud and clear, you should not see my end, but I shall live to see you end successfully and beyond.

8. Deadly arrows fired at me, miss your target and return to sender.

9. O God, lead me not into temptation but deliver me from Every evil that seek to destroy me.

10. Grant me peace in my days, let me work and never grow weary, let me run and never got tired and may you bless the work of my hands to put food on my table.

Gracious father, I have asked in the name of your son may my supplications be acceptable before you in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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