“Let’s Give Them Our Love”- zie

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“Let's give them our love that's why am staying,” explained Zipho. 

Zipho has posted and also shared pictures of nurses and also doctors who work almost twenty four hours at hospitals to show and also help woth coronavirus patients. 

These pictures that were shared were symbolizing that these people are mostly important and also that they put their life on the line to save other people. 

On the pictures it showed nurses and also doctors sleeping and also others were probably resting and also they looked too tired and also they showed that they have lives to say. 

These pictures were shared to show and also to symbolize that these people are important and also that they should be honored and also appreciated. These are also family members and also peoples parents and also at the end of the day they need to protect themselves and also families. The rate of coronavirus has gotten worse now and also many things needs to be fixed


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