Video: Watch As A Married Man Was Bathed With Hot Oil By His Side Chick.


There is a saying that says "you can't eat your cake and have it" that is exactly what happened to this man. He has a wife and kids in Lagos and decided to have a side chick because he works in Abuja.

It was said that the side chick allegedly pours hot oil on him after he forced himself on her, immediately the man went to the bathroom, she ran to the kitchen hear up the oil and proceeded to the room, immediately the man opened the door to the bathroom she splashed the oil on him.

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The lady is now in police custody, it was also said that she tried to kill the man few times. There was a time she tried to suffocate him by setting the air condition on fire, but my question is, what is the man still doing with a person like that. It possible that the lady became crossed with him when she discovered the man was married

This is a big lesson for the man as he will never forget it in his life. This is what an extramarital affair did to him. Now his secret is opened, now imagine the heartbreak it will cause his wife and the children when they see the pictures.