"Sudi Amerudi Shuleni" Kenyans React After Ruto's Close Ally Oscar Sudi Spotted With School Uniform

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Photo of courtesy of Kapseret Member parliament Hon.Oscar Sudi.

In the recent past, many lawmakers have been criticized for not cleaning up schools even though it was never proven in court.

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi is embroiled in a court case involving his high school certificate from a path the principal denies ever being a student there.

This afternoon, according to reliable information available to us, the controversial congressman was spotted wearing full school badges at a reception in his constituency.

Oscar Sudi is the current MP for the Kapseret constituency located in the Rift Valley and is believed to be one of the main allies of the United Democratic Union party.

The function associated with a school in the area where the congressman appeared in full school uniform excited the parents, students and teachers present there. A part of Kenyans reacted to these images as shown below:


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