Man Posts His House On Facebook And Claims Women Always Reject And Insult Him Due To His Condition.

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A young man by the name Anthony Ugonna has posted on Facebook social media the state of his room in Minna Niger State. He writes that no lady loves him because he is a nobody. He also stated that no lady wishes to settle down with him and all he gets are insults and mockery.

Anthony writes that he wish he can find love in his condition. People have reacted to this post writting their views. While some have adviced him to go and work to elevate him self from poverty, others have encouraged him to keep working hard and that God would help him.

A lady asked if he was happy with his current situation and another encouraged him to keep trying. Admist this, a man has offered to help transform him and make him a millionaire on the condition that he must forget about girls first.

Love has never needed a reason. This young man may have been going after the wrong girls or just didn't approach them well.

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