3 Lessons To Learn As A Pastor In Kirikiri Prison Regains Freedom After 14 Years

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According to a report by Saharareporters, a resident Pastor at the Kirikiri correctional center, Pastor David has been released after spending 14 years inside the Prison. The Ex-convict was sentenced to death by hanging in 2003 for a crime that he claimed not to have committed. Below is a picture of Pastor David:

Photo Credit: Saharareporters

The Ex-convict, Pastor David gave gratitude to God and also shared his story during a Thanksgiving service at the Genesis Global Church, a Celestial ministry that is headed by the Shepard-in-charge, Prophet Israel Ogundipe. Although, Pastor DAVID made mention of a lot of things but without further ado, we will be sharing with you some lessons that you can learn from his bittersweet experience:

1. With God Nothing Is Impossible

In the Book of Luke 1:37, the Bible recorded that "For with God, Nothing shall be impossible". From the story that was shared by Pastor David, his predicament seems to look like the one that will never result in something good but with the help of God, he turned impossibility into possibilities.

How do you explain the fact that somebody has been sentenced to death for a crime that he was found guilty of but all of a sudden, he was released to go? That alone speaks volumes of how powerful God Almighty is.

2. It Pays To Serve God

From the information we got, Prophet Isreal Ogundipe revealed that he met Pastor David at the Church that was inside the Prison premises and in the long run, God finally used him to free Pastor David. Had it been, Pastor David wasn't serving God inside the Prison, he might never get the opportunity to meet Prophet Isreal Ogundipe.

3. God Always Vindicate The Righteous and Just

No matter how hard or difficult a situation seem to look like, God always pave way for his people. In as far as you are righteous and just before him, he will always rise to help and also provide vindication.

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Source: Saharareporters

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