The incident that happened in London tavern left four more people in a critical condition

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Four more people are in a critical condition and five bodies have yet to be identified. This follows the death of 21 teenagers at an East London tavern.

"How come only the children died, how about the bouncers, tavern helpers etc? Is this some kind of ritual or what. Surely these kids were not just by themselves inside???"

"I still cannot believe a Parent allowed a 13 year olds to go Tarvern at night in the name of Pens down. Maybe they Sneaked out

This is a child who still need strict supervision no matter how naughty they are.

Kids should be at home with their parents at night.

Too much rights and freedom very dangerous.Tarvern owner might be wrong for allowing underage in the premises , however the parents who give permission to a minor were very wrong"

"From what is reported about the ages of the deceased, being between 13 and 18 years of age. I am curious as to parents' role in having their underage kids out at night, drinking alcohol."

"The government, the tavern, the local police and community must be held to account that this tavern was able to operate and serve children. Stop blaming the victims and their parents."

"Alot are busy blaming parents when they themselves used to be problem kids growing up or going to parties or sneaking without the knowledge of their parents knowing

Most teenage kids lie and most parents didn’t even knw dy kids were there !!!

Do you think a parent in her right mind would say mtanam go groove knowing he or she is underage !!! And looking at that videos it was the biggest bash party

Obviously they wuld wana fit in and lie to dey parents just to get permission

Then if one one the parents felt its ok then he or she is a problem and she needs parenting skills

Bt truth is teenagers lie so much that that as a parent you wuld feel sorry for them

I don’t imagine a 13 year old in a tarven that’s like a grade 7 pupil imagine being intoxicated at that age


"RIP and this is a wake-up call to the gvt and nation at large to review the rights given to kids at this age bcos parents can't control them.Tarverns it's where they even get unwanted pregnancies too,they must focus on studies not alcohol and this is the situation where you find foreigners grabbing their job opportunities bcos instead of focusing on building their lives they are busy with alcohol and drugs while foreigners are studying"

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