'I Don't Let HIV Define Me.' Top HIV Activist Says She Unapologetically Lives Her Life.

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Doreen Moraa Muracha is one of the top HIV activist in Kenya. Doreen loves to create awareness and encourage people living with HIV to continue pressing on and not to feel sorry of themselves.

Doreen was born with HIV and only came to know of her status at eight years old when she would frequently get sick due to opportunistic infections. Doreen was enrolled on antiviral treatments and she uses the drugs up to date. Doreen does not shy away from telling the public about her HIV journey. Doreen says that she has never allowed such a tiny virus such as HIV to define her. Doreen lives her life unapologetically and she loves adhering to her arc regimen so she can continue suppressing the HIv virus and hence she can continue living a healthy lifestyle. Doreen has also encouraged other people living with HIV to accept themselves because nobody can love them like the way they love themselves.

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