LPG cooking gas is becoming one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya


The Kenyan economy is really growing fast since most places in the country are now growing into urban centres,this has impacted the lifestyle of most Kenyans, people are now opting to fast ways of making food,this methods include the use of LPG gas.

Cooking gas is more cleaner and more convenient compared to use of charcoal and firewood. That's why the idea of starting an LPG gas business is more profitable. LPG retail businesses grows very fast because most people are opting to use of gas,in fact with the latest VAT 20% increment on all goods the business is more likely to be the best.

Like any other business, before you start you should consider the location, budget and some of the challenges related to that business.

This business is more profitable but this entirely depends on you;how you market your gas,your relationship with your customers and branding.

LPG business is one of the most reliable and best source of income. The good thing with this business is that its demand rise rapidly everyday

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