Remember The Mexican Man Who Was Born With 2 Heads? See His Photos Before Losing His Second Head


Pascual Pinon was two-headed Mexican Man who was a performer with the Sells- Floto Circus in the early 1900s. Pinon was born with a large benign tumor at the top of his head.

While it is possible for a person to have two heads, a condition known as craniopagus parasiticus, a form of conjoined twins, sees one head upside-down on top of the other, Pinon's second head was oriented upright like his actual head.

Pinon lost his second head after suffering from severe headache. After examination, doctors said his second head should be removed to save his life.

During the operation, the two headed man remained concious,numbed by novocain. Mr Pinon was lucky as he did not experience brain damage because his brain was separated from the tumor.

Below are some of Pinon's photos before losing his second head;

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