"Usijaribu Kuuza Hii Nyumba" Jalang'o Gives Omosh Stern Warning He Hands Over The House To Him


Kiss Fm presenter Jalang'o has today officially handed a newly built three bedroom to Omosh. This comes comes few months after the former Tahidi high actor Joseph Kinuthia known by stage name Omosh cried for help. However Jalang'o went ahead and warned Omosh against selling the house.

He even wrote a poster "This property is not for sale". This was mounted on the entrance to the house to send off buyers who might woo Omosh towards selling. The house is located off kangundo road.

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According to many netizens Omosh is reckless and can do anything. Recently he almost cried out for second help claiming that the over a million he was given had finished. This saw netizens online call him a drunkard and many soughts of names. However the comedian is set to make a comeback in Kenyan Tvs as he already has a tripod and camera. The only thing remaining is his action.

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