Francis Atwoli Fears For His Life If DP Ruto Wins, Ask Kenyans What To Do To Save Him

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Central Organization of Trade Unions Boss Francis Atwoli has risen alarm over fear for his life should Deputy President William Ruto win the Presidency, pleading with Kenyans on how to save him.

According to the Cotu Boss, he has said that DP Ruto does not deserve the Presidency since he cannot be entrusted with public office and has proven the same with President Uhuru Kenyatta

The Veteran Trade Unionist has alleged that D0 Ruto has only been issuing state tenders to his close allies and that he does not qualify in managing public resources.

"The reason for this is, as a DP he is already a top government official. Yet he abused his office, and called an officer below him to have him award government tenders to specific persons," he claimed.

Asking Kenyans to reject DP Ruto's Presidency, the Central Organization of Trade Unions Boss has said that he sees a situation where in the case DP Ruto win come the August 9th polls, he will not live in peace saying that, he has full trust with Raila Odinga's statehouse bid.

"Raila's win will save my life because if Ruto wins, I will not have peace," Atwoli has added.

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