Danger Of Exposure To Radiation


Radiation is the transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or a material medium. It can be transferred through light, and electronic devices like cell phone television, microwave and high voltage device such as diagnostic X-ray machine.

Radiation exist in the environment as part of nature and it is beneficial to mankind. In medicine it is used for;

1) Diagnosis of diseases and treatment of certain kind of cancer

2) Radiography

3) As smoke detectors

4) For food safety

As useful as it is, too much exposure to it can have harmful effects as well

Harmful Effects Of Radiation

1) High doses of radiation could lead to a certain kind of cancer later in life

2) It can cause seizure

3) It can result in loss of hair

4) Damage of nerve cells and small blood vessels

5) Health failure

6) Damage of intestinal tract lining

7) Diarrhea and vomiting of blood

How To Avoid Exposure To Radiation

1. Putting a distance between yourself and any source of radiation like the ones mentioned above

2. Avoiding body contact with cell phones

3. Avoid the usage of cellphones when there is low signal

4. Wearing protective clothing when you are to work with any device that emits waves of radiation

5. Always take a shower or wipe exposed parts of your body with a damp cloth after you have been exposed to radiation

6. Staying hydrated and eating balanced diet are also ways of reduce exposure to radiation.

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