Black man breaks 130 years historic record

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Albany county in Wyoming has appointed Aaron Appelhams 39, as its county sheriff. This history feat is the first in 130 years.

Albany county has a white population of 92 percent residents and a 1.3 percent population of black inhabitants.

This disparity in population has been pointed out as the reason for the non emergence of a black sheriff all these years.

The state of Wyoming, has always been a pacesetter when it comes to equality in the United states. The state was the first to grant women the right to vote in 1869 when others states were vehemently opposed to that.

"We are stepping out and getting people of color into offices and being the first, he's broken the barrier," StephenLatham the president of NAACP said. "I think it will make room for people to stand on his shoulders." He was quoted as saying by CNN.

Judge Tori Kricken with Aaron Appelhams after swearing him in.

Aaron Appelhams was appointed Sheriff Dec. 11 2020, by the Albany board of commissioners.

He takes over a department that has undergone reforms following the aftermath of the gruesome murder of Ramirez by Deputy Derek during a traffic pullover in 2018.

Despite the department's battle with lawsuits Appelhams has vowed to make right the wrongs of the past and place the county's security service on the right path.

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