OPINION| ANC has suffered about losing many municipalities

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I personally think these results are being over-analyzed. The voter turn out ,(8 million out of 24 million registered voters), is very low hence whatever the outcome it doesn't represent or lead into future elections like 2024. Millions of people didn't vote and to be honest with you it's ANC people who just sent a message to ANC leaders to reform, and re-energize the party so that they can vote again

The only thing that the ruling party is capable of is to destroy everything that is working in our country, and see nothing wrong about it 4th industrial revolution no trains, tared road, lack of water supply, sky rocketed petrol price lack of jobs killing one another and no justice . The DA has also suffered huge losses but your report is written as if they have gained, lease consult the results of 2016 and compare with 2021 you will see what I'm talking about. I don't blame people for starting political parties, if Ramaphosa can be president then anyone can be president because Cyril is just like anyone


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