US Election : Here Is What Rihanna Said About Vote Still Being Counted On Twitter

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US Election : Here Is What Rihanna Said On Twitter About Vote Still Being Counted

The Current US Election, Seem to be the toughest ever about both major candidate seem to be in a tight race for the finish as result are still trickling in as at when the Article was written.

The incumbent as well as his Challanger, Joe Biden have been battling it out and talking tough as we await the final call of Result.

Citizen of America as well as Political analyst around the world has kept a close tab on the election and a few celebrity have decided to lend their voice to the on going counting of vote during the election.

Ace Musician Rihanna has decided to share encouraging words to people through her social media handle on Twitter.

According to her Handle @Rihanna she posted.

"Count every vote We"ll Wait".

This is to show that People are willing to wait for as long as the electoral process would take to complete it cycle.

majority of people have been tracking voting result on Twitter while other have been tracking it via their various Television and broadcast on radio. 

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