Read What Happened To An Agbor Man, After His 2 Year Old Daughter Was Left At Home Alone.

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The amount of fire related incidence that has occurred around the country over the past the few days has been very alarming, and it need to be checkmated by individuals who need to be very vigilant.

A man is counting his loss after his house was razed down by fire when he was out of the house.

According to the poster of the said incident on social media, the man had left his 2 year old child all alone at home, as he was an Okada rider ( Mr Augustine) who's two year old daughter was identified as Victoria, Was alone playing with match stick, and she ignited one in error which began burning clothes, the young Victoria took to her heels in fear as she ran outside while the fire burned within the house.

On his return Mr. Augustine met his house completely razed down with every property within the building going ablaze as a result of the gas cooker that escalated the fire incident, the 2 year old Victoria could not raise an alarm probably due to her age and ignorance.

Meanwhile here are people opinion as regards to whatever that happened.We should be very vigilant in the way and manner we go about things, ignorance is not an excuse for an act of negligence.

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