This Is What Your Signature Reveals About You And Your Personality


The way you sign your name or write your signature says a lot about your personality traits. It reveals the kind of person you are and how you like to live your life.

1. A Short Signature: If your signature is extremely short that mean you’re an inpatient person. Your level of concentration is also very, very Blow. You write your name short because you don’t have a long attention span.

2. A Straight Signature: If your signature is straight, that means that you are an extremely balanced person, you have mastered the art of balancing aggression and calmness. Some may decide to describe you as an even balanced person.

3. A Downward Slant Signature: If you sign your name with this signature, that means you’re actually pessimistic! It may also mean you’re careful in gathering and meetings, you prefer to look before you leap.

4. Upward Slant: Individuals with an upward slant signature percolates out ambitious. It shows your goals are always moving up in life.

5. Small Letter Size: People who have mastered the habit of signing with small letters, are people who lack self-esteem, it usually indicates how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

6. Illegible letters: Some people are fond of writing random letters in their signatures, these type of people hate to waste time and quickly move on to the next project.

7. Uneven Light Pressure: If you apply a very light and uneven pressure to your signature, then that means people will find it difficult to predict anything about you, you also tend to very critical about yourself.

8. An Indecipherable Signature: If you draw your signature in a way that you yourself cannot understand, that indicates that you’re a super arrogant person.

9. Underline Below Signature: These type of signature indicates a selfish and extremely sensitive person.

10. Underline Above The Signature: Individuals with these type of signature are extremely proud, they also always strive to be the best and achieve greater things on life.

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