15-Years To Come Kiki Marley Will Regret Singing That Song; She Is Just Young And Naive - Sammy Flex

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Ghanaian media maestro Sammy Flex has come out to say that 15 years to come Kiki Marley will regret singing that song and that she is just young and naive

Speaking on the showbiz Agenda,he said that he doesn't blame her for her new song "Mmaa" even though it's a bit strange for a new young artiste

He also said that she was definitely going to feel like it was unnecessary to make that song in some years to come

He continued;

"I feel really she wants to make a point in the industry and also become influential.15 years to come Kiki Marley will regret singing that song because she is just young and naive.A 21 years old girl whose first song is extremely controversial is being guided by a higher body

Ruff Town Records are really in for a tough time with their new artiste because she will be disagreed with on soo many occasions. I hope she will be able to stand the test of time".

Kiki Marley is a new signee to Ruff Town Records and she is a beast from the streets and she is set to overthrow lots of artistes with her Kumerican style of rap

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