Why TSC Will Not Fail In Its Current Proposal To Replace BED With BSC/BA & PGDE

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As proposed by the Teachers Service Commission TSC,BED will be placed with BSC/BA followed by a PGDE. As documented the proposals is to be passed by September and plans are there to ensure that the current BED holders, Employed and unemployed will not be left behind.

The TSC plans left keyans lamenting and according to experts it has emerged that the commission is just fulfilling it's mandate as an independent union and proposal has also been backed by the ministry of education.

Here are the reasons why the proposal will not fail; According to 2010 Kenyan Constitution, sessional paper No 1 of 2005,Kenya vision 2030 and beyond 2012 (MOE 2012) highlights the need to coordinate and rationalize Kenya education and training.

The new proposal will ensure the provision of teachers to meet the demands of CBC and ensure well trained teachers for efficient teachers,this according to TSC.

TSC mandates according to Article 237(2) of 2010 Kenyan Constitution is to; register trained teachers, advise the national government on matters related to education, review the demands for and supply of teachers and review the Standards of education and training of teachers.

TSC is a constitutional Commission which undertakes the teacher management function and this is found in chapter 15 Article 248 in 2010 kenyan Constitution. In teachers management it is divided into 3 main categories:entry, maintenance and exit.

Under the mandate,TSC is responsible of establishing and maintaining sufficient professional teaching force.

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