Zora Citizen TV: Zora Lands in Trouble After Talia Revealing Fella's Secret

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I still remember that moment when Zora was so furious after thinking that Madiba had send her mother Zalena to caution her. Madiba too was so angry at her and I guess it was because he thought she was behind Aunt Loretta's accident. However, the moment they met, anger subsided and the strong feeling of love prevailed. They all ended up rekindling their love again. From that day, Zora and Madiba started behaving differently in their houses due love.

Back to our topic, in the upcoming episodes, you will see Madiba in a happy mood at the mansion before Talia arrived to reveal the hidded secret. Talia explained how she had planned to torment the Chibale family till they confess what they did to her twin sister the late Alma. The most shocking secret that she revealed was that Alma was carrying Fella's baby before she died. The whole family was in shock but Kwame couldn't restrain himself, he went straight to Fella's house accompanied with Madiba.

It was actually a chaos at Zora's place since Kwama wanted to bit him up for what he did to her wife Alma. Madiba had a very hard time restraining Kwame as Zora kept telling them to stop their false accusations. On the way with their arguments, Kwame revealed how Zora and Madiba loved each other. This is what made Fella so angry and fished out the pistol ready to shoot them both. After shooting one bullet in the air, the two brothers together with Nana ran for their lives. Zora was forbidden from leaving the house unless permitted by Fella. It seems that Fella's cruelty has been aroused. We should expect Zora to experience some hardship soon. Let's find out more from the next Episode. 

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