Bobrisky Shares Photos Of His 14 Million Naira Credit Alert He Got, Says He Makes Millions Daily


Just when I thought I had seen enough after Regina Daniels shared her airtime and data balance of almost 500,000 naira and 3,000 gigabytes respectively, Bobrisky has gone on his Instagram page to share the unimaginable.

The transgender woman, took to social media to share the total money he received today, and from all estimations, he got a credit alert of over 14 million naira today alone. He celebrity further boasted that the alerts are still coming in, and that he makes millions everyday.

Check the photos of the credit alerts below

The celebrity also made some really sensible captions in the photos above. He said in the caption that, these are the kind of alerts people should be receiving instead of them gossiping. Truly, some people waste their time on needless things, when they could actually invest that time to make more money.

Although, it is not sure what particular business this celebrity is doing, but many of us know him to be a brand influencer, perhaps, many brands patronize him to advertise their businesses for them, which in turn fetches him a lot of money. See more of what he said below.

While many of us are complaining that money is not on ground, because of the situation of the country, people like Bobrisky are making millions in the same country. So, the big question is, what are we doing wrong and what are they doing right? I believe that it is high time many of us learn from these celebrities, copy their business lifestyle and I am sure that we will excel too.