Schools reopening in winter as Min Angie revised calendar


Cold weather conditions are the time to be on vacation for learners as schools head for recess. This year things have changed due to COVID-19. Schools should not have closed early to recover a lot of work. Now learners are forced to return to school when it is cold and the number of infections is climbing. It is not clear why would learners be succumbed to the situation where everyone has COVID-19 symptoms because of cold.

The minister should check the country's numbers and weather to avoid infections and unnecessary and unwanted death of children. The fear of sending kids to school is high as they might come home sick. Looking at the concerns of parents streaming to stop the revised option, the minister seems to provide options and many of us are not familiar with it such as homeschooling and online which require data bundle. Registering homeschooling might be for those who are affluent enough to understand the basics. Kids who are not from disadvantage background who will suffer the most.

We are currently faced with a difficult situation, of course, the calendar school year has to proceed and kids return to school but not during winter. Schools in normal circumstances are closed or close in winter. This feels and looks like we are gambling with the lives of the children. There is hope that kids do well at school as they receive food while learning, The minister is not exposed to school situation in an overcrowding environment as learners are supposed to return in July.

The most difficult situation is where will all these learners be placed, there are many schools where classrooms and space are not enough to accommodate our children. my view is that let learners stay at home until august when springs begin and change the year's assessment which may be included in next year's grade work

It feels as if the leaders are pushing a different agenda and not caring about the children of the nation. The care should be placed where it is needed most in young vulnerable children who are looking at the future leaders. The question will be what are they doing should things go wrong. There must be a race they are running or competition to prove a point. Though using teachers and learners to win the year 2020 is not an impressive solution to the pandemic when it is striking.

Almost everyone is loosing the year as plans came to a standstill and therefore, education as well should take a back seat and relax to begin next year. No one is gonna loose. However, it was time to reveal the poverty faced due to the lack of resources and monitoring the department of basic education is under. I do wonder what will happen on the first of July when all the learners begin to attend school.