Check the Women who have been allegedly been raped by Jub-jub, you will be in shock

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Jub-Jub's world has been turned upside down after his interview with MacG, as lots of things came to light.

Jub-Jub said some inappropriate things about Amanda and Amanda couldn't keep quiet any longer.

Jub-Jub and Amanda have a history together, however things weren't as they made them to be,after Amanda revealed that, she actually was living in fear for two years of their relationship.

She revealed that, Jub Jub would force himself even with her siblings around and the last straw was when he tried to kill her and she decided to leave the relationship.

He, Jub-Jub however blamed Kelly for the break up and accused her of using Muti on him.

While people were still asking questions about Amanda as to why, she kept quiet all these years and being skeptical about her truth.

More women came forward and accused Jub Jub of raping them, one of the Women is his cousin ,she explained that she was still young when Jub-Jub violated her.

Masechaba also came forward and said she was raped by Jub-Jub when she was still a virgin.

All the allegations led to MojaLove issuing a statement on the problem at hand and they have suspended him.

Jub-Jub haven't taken time to respond to the accusations, we can only assume that, he is leaving everything to his attorneys because he may make things worse.

Kelly Khumalo has also been quiet since Jub-Jub accused her of Muti and spoke about her denying access to their child.

South African women have really suffered in men's hands, especially their partners. We've been seeing stories on social media about women who have been murdered, raped and beaten by their partners and it's not shocking nor hard to believe that, Amanda stayed with Jub-Jub even after he raped her.

Let's look at Babes wodumo's situation, she still went ahead and married someone who used to beat her up.

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