Say No To Cough Syrup, Use These Natural Method To Treat Cough


A considerable number of people end up with a dreadful cough or cold because of negative climate conditions and different variables.

While the vast of majority rush rush to the store or over the counter shops to go and buy drugs to treat their cough or cold while there is natural way to treat cough without side effect .

Most people will be surprised of how many natural remedies used d to treat your cough.

Pineapple juice is excellent to treat your cough this is so because, it has excellent healing ingredients to soothe a persistent cough or sire throat .

Patients recovered up to 5 times faster with the pineapple remedy for cough than compared to Orthodox cough syrup.

Pineapple has many many health benefits which we don't know .

It contains vitamins and other potent antioxidants to support your immune system and treat your sire throat or cough.

If you have a juicer machine, it's best to make your own pineapple juice, or opt for unrefined natural pineapple juice instead .

Most commercially accessible varieties of pineapple juice contain too much sugar and added flavours and are low in the actual real fruit.

Here's how to use pineapple juice for cough,

Ingredients needed,

1) one cup of pineapple juice

2) quarter cup of lemon juice

3) one piece of ginger (nearly 3 inches)

4) one table spoon of fresh honey

5) pinch of salt.

Method or procedures,

Blend all the ingredients.


Take quarter cup of the juice for the days and your cough or sore throat will be vanished in no time.


Add a pinch of salt and turmeric in order to improve digestion and efficiency.

Say no to cough again.

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