"Mapenzi moto" Diamond Platinumz grabs Zuchu by the waist on stage.

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Wasafi CEO Diamond Platinumz and signee who is also his lover Zuhura Othman aka Zuchu last night excited fans with steamy performance in Mwanza.

The two lovebirds were performing in a club called club by the name Cask bar and grill in Mwanza where Diamond invited Zuchu on stage to perform together their song dubbed, mtasubiri.

Diamond Platinumz was clearly grabbing Zuchu on her waist pulling her closer to him then resting his hand around her back.

That moment made their fans scream both their names while cheering the two lovebirds. Earlier on something happened to the hit song "mtasubiri" video.

The song music video was banned in Tanzania as it was disrespectful to Christianity according to some church leaders because of a scene they did in a church.

The video ban would be lifted only if the scene is will be removed from the video. Don't know if they removed the scene but last night was fun for them.

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