Akosua Sarpong of Despite media post stunning photos of herself as she celebrates her birthday

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Akosua Adutwumwaaa Sarpong is one of the best Akan news anchors in Ghana. Akosua Sarpong who holds a diploma in journalism has been in journalism for 12years. She started with Garden city radio in 2007 but later joined Despite media in 2008.

Akosua Sarpong has contributed to the journalism in our local dialect in a very big way. Majority of Ghanaians enjoy and understand information very well in our local dialect and for Akosua Sarpong to work on such a big platform that reaches a lot of Ghanaians is a great achievement.

Akosua Sarpong is very much dedicated to his work and is doing remarkable well in her job. Apart from the mark of excellence in her job, she is also a beautiful and full of decency. She is also an inspiration to women who want to go into journalism.

Today Akosua Sarpong celebrated her birthday with her fans by posting beautiful photos of herself on her Instagram page. Akosua Sarpong is a woman that must be celebrated and it should be done on a day like this, since it is a day special to her.

Below are photos Akosua Sarpong posted on social media on her birthday:

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