Would Cubana Chief Priest Have Made The Allegations If Maryanne Wasn't His Sister?

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The recent happenings revolving around Cubana Chief Priest, his sister Onyinyechi Maryanne and her estranged husband, Kelvin, who was alleged to have had an affair with Maria, the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, is another story that will conserve the heat of this gist-loaded October.

Cubana Chief Priest, the famous entertainment and business mogul has come out to accuse Maria of causing a wreck to the matrimonial home of his sister, Maryanne. His Instagram post alleged Maria to have threatened his sister to leave Kevin and also accused Maria of showcasing Kevin's properties (namely his wristwatch and car) to infuriate Maryanne. In his subsequent posts, he uploaded the divorce papers between Maryanne and Kevin, and further went on to expose how his sister traveled to Dubai to see Kevin just for Maria to open the door, wearing Kevin's T-shirt.

Everyone has been looking into this story from the angle of Kevin's infidelity and Maria's dalliance with Kevin, failing to recognize the loophole in the whole narrative.

This is not an effort to expunge the inappropriateness of infidelity, rather, it reflects on how Cubana Chief Priest deliberately/carelessly exposed how they all go around cheating on their wives.

In his post, he wrote: "...All Of Us Dey Street, You No Carry Woman Pass Anybody But We Can Never Make Home Miserable For Our Woman To The Point A Side Chick Calls Your Wife To Threaten Her Life...". This shows that Cubana Chief Priest could be guilty of keeping side chick(s).

It could also be argued that assuming Maryanne was not the sister to Cubana Chief Priest, the story of Maria's dalliance with Kevin Anene wouldn't have surfaced.

What do you think about this article? Is Cubana Chief Priest guilty of the wrongs he accused both Kevin and Maria of? Please, like and input your opinions in the comment section.

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