Tips To Keep Your Nails Cleaned At All Times

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It's hardly impossible for your nails not to get stained or dirty. After all, you use your hands all the time. Pedicure is a great idea but can sometimes be expensive. Besides, it can be hard to keep up with the routine of visiting your pedicurist. To keep your nails neat all the time, you can follow the simple and inexpensive tips in this article.

Keep your nails short

If you are keen on displaying your fingers outside, then you should keep them short. This method will prevent dirt from building up quickly underneath your fingers.

Wash your nails in the bathroom

How many times do you wash your nails separately while taking your bath? A few times or none, I guess. Invest the same time you spend on your armpit on your fingers, wash the outer parts and check the inside for lurking dirt.

File your nails

It's typical for a nail to outgrow another. When cutting your nails, file them to keep them at the same level.

Cut your nails after washing your clothes

This is the fastest way to clean your nails. After washing your clothes, your nails will naturally be softer, making them easy to cut. Besides, any accumulated dirt in your nails would have dissolved with soap water.

Put your hands in lukewarm water 

Another way to quickly remove dirt from your nails is to soak them in lukewarm water.

Dry your hands

Drying your hands reduces your chances of getting an infection. Also, it prevents your nails from getting too soft and delicate.

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