"We Have it within us to develop our economies and our people"–Akufo Addo urges African leaders


The president, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo is currently one of the best presidents in Africa. He is known globally for being brave on his speeches concerning Africa's dependence on foreign aid to finance her budget.

Well, to him, Africa has all it takes to develop the Africa we all dream of. That's why he always urges his colleague African leaders to invest in developing the human resources of the continent to cut down on the large dependence of Africa on China, and the Western world for experts like engineers, doctors and lectures.

Due to his strong passion for this he known to be one of the few leaders in the world to have implemented the free SHS policy. He has set an example for other African leaders.

So in the same spirit Today in his message to celebrate the African Union (AU) day, he entreats African people he says we should look no further since Africa's progress is just within us. In line with that, he urged all Africans to cooperate to make this dream a reality.

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