Reasons Why The Next General Election Might Be Postponed After Today's Presidential Address (OPINION)


The president have just addressed the nation today from statehouse. His address caught the public unaware since no one had any hint that he might address the nation. He imposed more measures against the expectations of many who predicted that he might lift some measures. He increased curfew days to further sixty days. Political/Public gatherings have also been burned thereby reducing the maximum number of mourners to 100.

His address comes just thirteen months to the next general elections which is expected to be conducted on 2nd August 2022. Different political parties have begun realigning themselves as a strategy comes next year.

After today's presidential address, the fate of the next general election now hangs in limbo due to the following reasons;

Vaccination: In his address today, the president stated that his administration plans to vaccinate at least 26 million adult kenyans by end of 2022. This therefore mean that no any public function will occur untill all are vaccinated in order to attain full immunity against corona virus.

BBI appeal case: Currently, there is an ongoing appeal court session about the building bridges initiative. The initiatives were aimed to amend some sections of the constitution hence the country cannot head to election with the current state of the constitution until final court ruling be made which might delay.

Burning of public gatherings. The president have just banned all political activities in the country untill the virus is fully contained. Now that the virus is here to stay, the restrictions might persist forcing the next general elections to be postponed since no elections can occur without campaigns.