10 Times These Pictures Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud & Help You Release Stress


According to information gathered from scientists and doctors reveals it is very good for every human being to smile or laugh. When we laugh, it makes us healthy because it is a fruit to the soul, heart, and body. Laughing also helps you to release stress. People pay huge amount of money to watch comedians who will make them laugh and release stress but today I’m giving to you for free.

I have gathered some pictures that will crack you up uncontrollably and it is free. I just want to light up your day with joy.

A certain man went to church, unfortunately, he has not been to go to private for the past 2 weeks. He went to the hospital and he was given medication. He was told to stay home for three days when he takes the medicine. He didn’t obey what the doctor said and went to all-night service after taken the medicine.

During the prayers, this man fluctuated and a certain lady who was closed to him said please you had a call, responded this is not a call it is just a flashing the main call will come. They continue to worship the Lord by singing a song titled (pour it on me) so all his mind was to bless the members by pouring what is in his stomach.

This man messed up the whole church with what was in his stomach, the mood of the pastor swings and calls the man to come forward. He questioned him why he did that and he answered he did that according to the song “pour it on me”.

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