Kenyans Don't Know Who Ruto Is, We Will Soon Tell Them Who He's - Says Tuju As Kenyans React

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Deputy President Dr William Ruto and Former Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. Photo courtesy.

Former Jubilee Party Secretary General and Azimio la Umoja Movement-One Kenya Alliance coalition Party coordinating secretary Raphael Tuju, has claimed that Kenyans are currently not aware who exactly the Deputy President Dr William Ruto is and his dark sides which makes him unsuitable for presidency. Therefore they are soon going to spill the beans about the character of the second in command which makes him very unsuitable to be elected as president.

Speaking during an interview with KTN news television, Tuju argued that most Kenyans are yet to know exactly who the Deputy President Dr William Ruto is and how he has sabotaged the economy of the country. Since he was in charge of the National Treasury docket for seven years and that's when he used the opportunity to embezzle public funds, through the Cabinet Secretary Dr Henry Rotich including the Arror and Kimwarer dams where Ksh.26 billion was lost. But Ruto defended the docket by saying it was only Sh.7 billion which was lost. That's what the public is going to be soon told as they are warned against electing him to the top seat to make him in charge of the Central Bank.

Video link: This statement has elicited many reactions from Kenyans especially the supporters of Deputy President Dr William Ruto, who has fired back at Tuju accusing him of being so proud arguing that it is his pride that killed Jubilee party. They added that Kenyans are already aware who Ruto is and they will not listen to anyone including people like Tuju who are not even elected leaders. They argued that if Deputy President Dr William Ruto was bad then all the influential leaders in Jubilee party would not have joined him. They also argued that Azimio has already talked about Ruto so much including calling him names like a thief but it has failed to sell against him. Therefore, even if they do anything else it won't change anything.

Here are some of their reactions on Facebook:

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