See alleged salary structure of the Nigeria Army


When so many people are at the verge of choosing career, their minds are always directed towards the medical profession because they feel that it is the easiest way of gaining employment and they also earn higher salaries.

However, so many people fail to realize that the Nigerian Army officers also earn higher salaries.

I just confirmed this when I browsed to get some information about the Nigerian Army and I luckily saw the salary structure of the Nigerian army based on their ranks.

The Nigerian Army are usually paid higher salaries as a result of the high rate of risk in which they experience while performing their duties. 

Below are the ranks and salaries of the Nigerian Army:

1. Second lieutenant - 120,000 Naira.

2. Lieutenant - 180,000 Naira.

3. Captain - 220,000 Naira.

4. Major - 300,000 Naira.

5. Lieutenant Colonel - 350,000 Naira.

6. Colonel - 550,000 Naira.

7. Brigadier General - 750,000 Naira.

8. Major General - 950,000 Naira.

9. Lieutenant General - 1,000,000 Naira.

10. General - 1,500,000 Naira.

If you want a good paid job, you can seek for admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy in order to be trained as an Army officer.

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