Boda Rider Seriously Injured After A Grisly Road Accident Near The Mwania River, Machakos-Wote Road

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|Photo Courtesy Of Machakos Level 5 Hospital|

Road accidents have day by day continued to be reported on various parts of our country, Kenya despite the efforts that are being done to reduce them. Many people leave their home but never return back because of road accidents.

Just like today late evening, a grisly road accident involving a boda boda and a 14-seater Public Service Vehicle (PSV) has been witnessed near the Mwania River along the Machakos-Wote road. As a result, the rider cheated death and was quickly rushed to Machakos Level 5 Hospital where his life is hanging in the balance.

Many causes of accident's are said to be caused by careless boda boda rider's and hence the need for all rider's to learn the importance of following road rules and regulations strictly.

Once again, road accident's can be fought by all of us and we should always teach ourselves to speak up whenever we find our life's being endangered on the road.

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